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Street Lighting

If you notice a problem with any of the street lights within Stow Bardolph Parish (Stow Bardolph, Stow Bridge and Barroway Drove) please report it to the Parish Clerk as soon as possible.

Tel: 01366 382380

Road Maintenance

Maintenance of the roads, for example dealing with potholes, is the responsibility of the County Council Highways Department. Please report any issues to the Clerk or report potholes directly via Norfolk County Council's Highways online reporting form.

Road Closures

SAM2 (Speed Awareness Message)

You may have noticed the SAM2 flashing sign in various locations around the parish. The SAM2 is a reminder to drivers travelling through our villages that we have speed limits and they are there for a reason.  The device records the speed and time of every vehicle that passes by it. 

Click Here for more info about SAM2.

Click Here to view the SAM2 statistics.

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